What is iADAPTE™

What is iADAPTE™

The TMS iADAPTE™ Change Management Framework is a methodology for change that works. It is a framework that manages change in a way that is proven, sustainable and yields ongoing organisational benefits. It provides a complete end to end process, full suite of tools and supporting documents, introductory and advanced training for change practitioners and on-line hub for all change activities in your organisation. It is based on over 30yrs of experience and brings together the change management theory and practice in a way that provides all elements required to manage change from small through to transformational projects. It has been road tested and validated.


Exceptional Change Management Starts Here

Dashboard Overviews

Manage your change at a glance with our intuitive dashboard style reporting.

Magical Reporting

Information is key and iADAPTE™ delivers in spades with extensive charting and data aggregating functionality

Any Device. Anywhere. Anytime.

iADAPTE is a fully responsive application designed to be run on all smart-phones, tables and desktop computers.

Save Time.

Change management for the busy executive.