Why use iADAPTE?

Why use iADAPTE

iADAPTE™ offers a scalable holistic framework that delivers a sustainable, transferable capacity for your organisation. It can service all the projects in your organisation from the smallest to the largest. It is ideal for transformational projects and combines the best of the other change approaches in the market. It offers a call to action, a way to deal with people and motivation and the systemic approach many organisations seek but uniquely combines all of these into one package. It is financial sustainable and is a buy once use many times approach. It means the change capability in your organisation can be utilised one many/all of your projects without repeating start up effort or regarding duplication of activities. It eliminates the need to recreate key documents, analyse the steps or gain executive buy in to the process. Do all of this upfront once and release to all your projects to ensure consistency of methodology and approach, strategic alignment on change and lateral applicability across your organisation.