Perception is Reality – Shifting Unhelpful Beliefs about Change

Think about this scenario: your organisation is implementing new project management software Here are two possible reactions: a) “This change is ridiculous, the old system worked perfectly fine, the new system will require so much learning all so we can continue to track projects. I’ll have to spend a whole day offline doing the mandatory…
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What is a VUCA environment and is your organisation agile enough to deal with one?

Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous ... is this your environment? In a society where change and complexity is ever increasing in organisations, what are we doing to support leaders and employees to work effectively in these environments? In 2010, IBM conducted a survey with more than 1500 CEO’s globally. Whilst 80% of these leaders anticipated greater…
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Building Organisational Change Capability

Organisations don’t change, their people do. To effectively lead and manage change, you must possess some degree of change capability. Organisations with a high level of change capability are agile. This means that a reasonable portion of the workforce is skilled at implementing, managing, and responding to change, with strong capacity to react positively to…
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